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Registration Requirements

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Required Documents

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Constituency Boundaries

All the portion of the Parishes of St. Peter, St. George, and St. John including Parham, Pares Village, Sugar Factory, Gunthorpes, Weirs, North Sound, Donavans and bounded as follows:

NORTH – from a point at the sea north of St. George’s Church in the area known as Winthorpes Foot Creek and continuing along the northern coast of Antigua to the point where the stream enters Farley’s Bay which is located south of Mercers Creek.

SOUTH – in part by a portion of the northern boundaries of All Saints East and St. Luke, St. Paul and St. Phillip South

EAST – in part by the sea and in part by the parish boundary with the Parish of St. Phillip (north)

WEST – by the eastern boundary of the Constituency of St. George.

Background: Constituency first contested in 1971 election.
Registered Electors (2018): 3,041
Polling Districts: 11
Counting Centre: Parham Primary School, Parham Town
Incumbent: Asot A. MICHAEL

Registration Requirements

An individual is qualified to be registered as an elector for a constituency if, on the qualifying date he or she

  • is a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda; or
  • is a Commonwealth citizen (other than a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda) who has resided in Antigua and Barbuda legally for a period of at least seven years immediately before the qualifying date; and
  • is 18 years of age or over; and
  • has resided in that constituency for a period of at least 6 months prior to his or her registration.

Where do I Register?

You can register to vote or transfer at the Central Registration Unit on Factory Road.


Am I Registred to Vote?

You can check if you are registered to vote by checking the list at your constituency unit or right here!


Who am I voting for?

Want to learn more about Chaneil and what she’s fighting for?


Registration Process

Step 1

Upon arrival, you will be interviewed briefly by your Registration Officer/Registration Clerk to ensure that you meet the criteria for registration. Once you meet the criteria, you will be asked to show the necessary documents. The interview is conducted in the presence of the Registration Officer, the Registration Clerk, and the Scrutineers.

Step 2

The Registration Officer will enter the information into the system. This includes your photograph, your fingerprints (all ten fingers), and your electronic signature. Your documents will also be scanned.

Step 3

The Registration Officer/Registration Clerk will then print your receipt and it will be signed by the Scrutineer and the Registration Officer/Registration Clerk. You are then given your receipt which you must keep in order to receive your electoral identification card.

NB: If the scrutineers do not sign the receipt, it is still valid.

Step 4

Provisions will be made for the applicant’s name to be entered on a Supplementary List produced by the 15th of the following month in which the application was tendered and you should check the list at your constituency unit to make sure your name is on it.

Step 5

Once your name is on the Supplementary List, you will be subject to a period of claims and objections. During this period, other residents in the constituency will review the list. If there is an objection upheld by the registration officer, any person aggrieved by such a decision of the registration officer may appeal to the Commission in the manner prescribed in the Registration Regulations. This person may appeal a decision of the Commission, to a judge of the High Court in accordance with the law.

Step 6

Once the period of claims and objections has passed, the applicant’s name will then be entered on the PRELIMINARY LIST OF ELECTORS which is published by April 30 and October 31, and the REGISTER OF ELECTORS which is published by June 30 and December 31. Once you are on such a register, you are considered to be duly registered and eligible for an electoral identification card.

Step 7

You will be able to collect your electoral identification card by showing your registration receipt to the Registration Officer/Registration Clerk.

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Required Documents

The following documents are to be provided by an applicant for registration:

Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda:

  • Valid Antigua & Barbuda passport; or
  • Birth or Baptismal Certificate with photo identification ( i.e. Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Medical Benefits Card or photo certified by persons eligible to endorse passport forms).

N.B. Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda who claim citizenship by descent, must present their birth certificate and the birth certificate of the parent and/or grandparent through whom the citizenship is claimed;

  • Certificate of Naturalization (in the event the passport is not yet processed, together with photo identification);
The following documents are to be provided by an applicant for registration:

Citizens of a Commonwealth Country:

  • Valid Commonwealth passport (must show that the applicant has been residing in Antigua and Barbuda for 7 consecutive years prior to the date when the person applies to be registered;

N.B. Such other evidence as may be required by the Registration Officer to authenticate:

  • the validity of any of the documents presented;
  • the information in the application.

Where To Vote

Polling Division A

[1] A – BRI            Parham Primary School, Parham Town
[2] BRO – DE       Parham Primary School, Parham Town
[3] DI – GOO        Parham Primary School, Parham Town
[4] GOR – JAR     Parham Primary School, Parham Town
[5] JE – MAR        Parham Primary School, Parham Town
[6] MAS – ROA    Parham Primary School, Parham Town
[7] ROB – THI      Parham Primary School, Parham Town
[8] THO – Z          Parham Primary School, Parham Town

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Polling Division B

[1] A – J              Pares Primary School, Pares Village
[2] K – W           Pares Primary School, Pares Village

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Polling Division C

[1] A – W            Precision Centre, Industrial Drive, Paynters

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Check the Voters List

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