Quality Healthcare for All

Since I have known myself, the Parham Clinic has been underfunded and overburdened.

The clinic is currently serving the communities of Parham, Pares, Willikies, Seatons, Glanvilles, Gunthorpes, Vernons, and North Sound and is in dire need of some serious investment, repair, and maintenance. The staff must be equipped with technology that will make their jobs easier and make data collection and reporting a priority. 

The Parham Clinic would be upgraded and equipped with adequate staff and the requisite computer systems and high-speed internet that will facilitate the digitization of all records. Patients will be able to preregister for Antenatal Clinic, Baby Clinic, Vaccinations, and Doctor Visits. This will make the process more streamlined and transparent.

The facility in Pares has been in a state of disrepair for a number of years. With a structure already there, the Government should be ensuring its repair and reopening it to the people of Pares Village. Further east, in Glanvilles, there is a Chinese donated Polyclinic that is still closed to the public which could serve the communities of Glanvilles, Willikies, and Seatons. Opening this facility would alleviate some of the strain on the Parham Clinic and ensure proper access for the surrounding communities.

All community clinics should also have access to Mental Health care services and all staff should be trained in Mental Health First Aid.

As your MP I will:

  • Upgrade the Facilities of the Parham Clinic to allow for medical record digitization

  • Repair and reopen the facilities at Pares to alleviate the burden on Parham Clinic and to give the people of Pares back their clinic

  • Maintain all facilities on a quarterly basis and as needed to ensure longevity

  • Train all staff in Mental Health First Aid and ensure that Mental Healthcare Services are available