Quality Education for All

I believe that Quality Education is a Human right.

In St. Peter, there are two public Primary Schools and one public Secondary School that require our attention. These schools act as the foundation of many young lives and our support in their maintenance and development is a necessity. Programs that teach practical skills such as Entrepreneurship, Creative Arts, and Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM), Robotics will be introduced to ensure that students leave these institutions with a well-rounded education.

COVID-19 has shown us how important technology is to furthering education, particularly in Rural Areas. Not only should all schools be furnished with modern computer labs and library services, but throughout the Constituency, computer Access Centers with high-speed internet should be made available for our students who do not have access at their homes.

As your MP I will:

  • Upgrade the Facilities of the Parham and Pares Primary Schools and the Pares Secondary Schools.

  • Introduce Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Programmes to foster creative thinking and problem solving

  • Establish Community Computer and Internet Access Centers