Much like the rest of the island, St. Peter suffers from a lack of proper infrastructure and maintenance.

Street naming, street lighting, road repair, sidewalk and drainage repair and installation, and general community maintenance will be some of the main short-term goals. Areas prone to flooding will be prioritized and secondary roads will also be repaired to decrease traffic on the main roads.

Apart from the necessary roadworks, investments must be made into the Sporting Facilities in each area of the constituency. Floodlights, seating, and concession stands will be placed in all facilities. These facilities will be maintained and secured to ensure their longevity.

As your MP I will:

  • Undertake the repair and maintenance of all major roadways and sidewalks

  • Embark on a street naming and house numbering drive

  • Upgrade and repair sporting facilities with seating, floodlights, and concession stands and security