A Model Community

The home of creative thinkers and chagemakers

As a coastal community, it is important for Fitches Creek to have a sustainable development plan tailored to the needs of its residents. Fitches Creek has consistently shown a level of community spirit, camaraderie and innovation that is commendable and should be modelled across the St. Peter Constituency and Antigua and Barbuda. Apart from the infrastructural needs, there are many ways that the community can become more sustainable.

I am working towards:
• Beautifying the Fitches Creek Community
• Using the FCRA as a model in other communities
• Promoting Sustainable Development and Capacity Building
• Involving the Schools in the area in Community Development
• Using Technology as a tool to bring the community together
• Working closely with the FCRA to execute and promote events and activities

What’s Happening Now

Spreading Eco-Christmas Cheer

Recently the Fitches Creek Residents Association launched a Clean up Initiative that seeks to further beautify their community and an Eco-Christmas Decoration Initiative to spread Christmas cheer across the community. The Eco-Christmas initiative is novel, creative, and sustainable. Not only do I support these initiatives in principle, but I have ensured that my team and I are intimately involved in the execution. I have started to engage the schools that recently participated in the Christmas Card Competition to be apart of the Eco-Christmas Initiative to create sustainable decorations for their homes and schools with the hope of organizing Field Trips to the area for the students to experience the community and view the work done by the residents.

Technology as a Community Tool

Connecting and Communicating Effectively

With COVID-19 still an imminent threat it is important that we use technology to bring our communities together. The FCRA would benefit from a strong online presence both on Social Media and via an interactive members website. This will allow members to have access to contact information, news, alerts, and activities at the tip of their fingers. I hope to work along with the Management team to make this a reality. This will also permit former members of the community now living in the diaspora to contribute and stay updated. This paperless method of communication is important in ensuring that the Fitches Creek Community stays sustainable.

Food Security for the Future

Growing Together for Good

As the group who spearheaded one of the best local Home and Garden Shows, the Fitches Creek Community would be the perfect location for a Community Garden. This garden would be tended by members of the FCRA on a rotating basis and would employ ethical, environmentally friendly, and organic gardening practices to grow flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables that can be sold, traded and displayed.

2021 and Beyond

Working together for a brighter future

My commitment to the Fitches Creek Community does not stop here. Through 2021 and beyond, I hope to further engage the Fitches Creek Residents Association Management Committee via Zoom to discuss how we can work together. Additionally, my team and I would like to work with the Fitches Creek Community to clean and beautify the pond at the entrance as a short term goal for the Community. It is a major attraction and should be given the attention that it deserves.

It is my hope that going forward, I can lend my voice to issues affecting this community, lend my hands to executing these plans and lend my digital communication skills to advertising and promoting events and activities.