Economic Diversification

The term “Economic Diversification” is often spoken about in a purely national sense and not so much on a community level.

However, I believe that a Town such as Parham Town can be transformed into a hub for the Eastern portion of the island. 

With talks of the Willoughby Bay project, it is my opinion that an existing community like Parham could benefit from this level of development. However, the town will not be taken over by the rich and well connected – it will be a development that will be people-focused.

As your MP I will:

  • Restore the Market complete with Solar Panels and running water

  • Construct a Commercial Center with concessionary rates for community-based businesses equipped with ATMs, Post Office, and Conference Room Facilities.

  • Fix all major roadways

  • Provide greater access to Government Utilities  

  • Improve garbage and solid waste collection

  • Improve Telecoms services

  • Improve Public Transportation

  • Upgrade of the Harbour to meet the standard to become a Port of Entry into Antigua 

  • Upgrade of the Sporting Facilities to include working bathrooms and concession stands