Today, political hopeful, Chaneil Imhoff, and a small team of young volunteers assisted the Fitches Creek Residents Association (FCRA) in their clean-up campaign initiative. Imhoff, a resident of Gunthorpes, has pledged to support the association’s activities for the remainder of the year, through 2021 and beyond. The clean-up campaign is just one of the initiatives that the Fitches Creek Residents Association (FCRA) is spearheading. The FCRA has also announced its Eco-Christmas Decoration Initiative that has been supported by residents inside and outside of Fitches Creek, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, and the private sector.
“The Fitches Creek Community has a model that should be adopted across the St. Peter Constituency,” Imhoff noted, “I hope to be instrumental in emulating it in the surrounding communities to foster a deeper sense of pride, camaraderie and sustainable development in our communities,” Imhoff added that today’s activities are just the beginning of a close relationship with the FCRA and the people of Fitches Creek. “After today, I would love to meet the FCRA Management via Zoom to discuss how we can work together and how I can lend my voice, hands, and platform to the community. It is important, especially in these times of uncertainty that we remain as self-sufficient as possible and the Fitches Creek Community has shown their resilience and resourcefulness in the level of cooperation and the creative activities that they have spearheaded.”
Later today, residents of Fitches Creek will be able to view and download a short set of sustainable development plans that Imhoff is proposing for the coastal community. Following this, other plans for infrastructure, recreation, education, and awareness will be released on Imhoff’s social media channels (@chaneilimhoff on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and on her website at
Mrs. Imhoff and her team are looking forward to working with the FRCA and the Fitches Creek Community this Christmas to spread a message of hope, love, and cheer for the season.